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PRO-SAN L Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner & Sanitizer

PRO-SAN L Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner & Sanitizer

Price : USD 7.99

The non-toxic disinfecting spray sanitizer is registered with the US EPA and the HEALTH CANADA. It has the highest safety rating as seen from its label that does not have any signal word such as caution, warning or danger etc. used on everyday household chemicals. The absence of signal word signifies a safe chlorine free fruit and vegetable wash also. It is made only with Food Grade Ingredients approved by the FDA and USDA. It kills 99.999% bacteria and will not leave residue making fruits and vegetables safe for you to eat. PRO-SAN® L does not destroy nor alter vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals and other nutrients present in fruits and vegetables. PRO-SAN® L is approved as a no-rinse hard surface sanitizer; you can safely sanitize the food contact surfaces without additional need for rinsing with water. Its chelating property removes toxic metals. The USDA has certified it to contain BIO-BASED ingredients.

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