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Dentoral Mint Mouthwash

Dentoral Mint Mouthwash

Price : USD 24.99

Dentoral® Mint Mouthwash combines valuable age-old medicinal properties of mint oil with microbicidal (bacteria killing) properties of patented technology. DENTORAL® alcohol free mouthwash is formulated using natural mint oil. Mint oil is insoluble in water. Using the FDA approved selected ingredients DENTORAL® is carefully prepared to formulate mint oil in aqueous preparation. Microcide patented technology is further used to prepare DENTORAL® mouthwash in powder form instantly soluble in warm water. This prevents environmental pollution from repeated use of the plastic containers. DENTORAL® mouthwash is shelf stable in powder or liquid form, does not fizz out and can be stored and used for over a long period. DENTORAL® mouthwash kills a broad spectrum of bacteria that cause bad breath. Thus it helps prevent bad breath, maintains healthy gums, and controls plaque build-up. Unlike PERIDENT dental rinse (prescribed by the dentists), DENTORAL® mouthwash does not stain teeth, or burn mouth unlike an alcohol based mouthwash.

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